What do we do?

The CCMW contributes to Christian mission in the West through the production of high-quality, multi-method research of Christian practices. This is done against the background of the West’s contribution to Christianity’s present role as a global religion on the one hand, and the current contribution of non-Western Christians to the missionary challenges in the West on the other.

The CCMW is joined with the Praktijkcentrum with regard to valorisation.

It is the ambition of the CCMW to serve both academic and non-academic audiences, through publications, PhD research, conferences, and post-academic education. Indicators of effectiveness are:


  1. Innovative research programmes every six years;
  2. publications in journals such as Mission Studies, Missiology, International Journal of Practical Theology, Ecclesiology, Ecclesial Practices, Exchange;
  3. annual income of 20K euros out of additional academic funding or grants;
  4. offering a fertile context for PhD students, resulting in a regular output of relevant PhD studies (possibly, a book series);
  5. organizing international academic conferences and seminars, at least 2 per 5 years;
  6. contributions to conferences (lectures, papers), summer schools, expert meetings.


Society and Church:

  1. Publications in relevant journals and periodicals, including newspapers, websites, etc.;
  2. Stable partnerships with societal organizations in the field of missiology and practical theology;
  3. Annual income of 50K euros as a result of valorisation (such as consultancy services to churches);
  4. Bi-annual conference within the Netherlands for churches on Mission and Church Practices;
  5. Contributions to conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. aimed at a non-academic audience.

In the near future the CCMW will also host the missiological and practical theological BA and MA courses of the Theological University Kampen. Currently, the TUK hosts several one-year specialization MA’s, a.o. in Missiology and Practical Theology. These programmes will be joined with the CCMW in due time in order to improve the relationship between research and education.